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The limits of Predictabilty

I live in a world where the people around me make plans and then expect everything to go according to plan. Unfortunately, my experience tells me that more often than not plans don’t pan out exactly as expected. Instead, variables I hadn’t foreseen come into play and “ruin” my plans. But, is the answer to not make plans? I believe in making plans, but not relying totally on them. Rather, I accept that I can’t predict or know everything. And from that attitude I plan and then make myself as open and adaptable as possible to new information, new variables and new situations. I am ready to change, modify and sometimes scrap my plans to make better ones. Keys to this are:

  • An open mind – Willingness to look at new concepts
  • Flexible thinking – Willingness to try out new concepts and ideas
  • Humility – Accepting that my way may not always be the best way
  • Actively seeking advice of others; even those who have opposing opinions to my own
  • Patience – The ability to postpone

Stir up any thoughts? Let me know :-).


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