Creativity, Cultural diversity, Leadership, Personal Development, Perspective, Strategic planning

Think the opposite

Do you have a problem that’s been bugging you for a while? Try one of these two creative thought experiments.

  1. Perspective: Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective can help. But, it can be difficult to envision this. Why not try imagining yourself as an inhabitant from another culture (or planet, if you have the fantasy to do it). You speak a different language, where different clothes, eat different food, have different habits, etc than what you normally do. Once you’ve gotten into the role, look at the problem anew. What insights do you draw? Is the problem still a problem? If so, is it the same problem as it was before? Are there any ways of addressing the problem that could be of benefit for your old and new self?
  2. Think the opposite: What is the most obvious solution? What does everyone else always do (with perhaps minor variations)? Now, what is the opposite? Is everyone in the business cutting costs to the bone, providing only the minimum necessary to sell their product or service? Try offer the opposite; offer more than is necessary. Or is it the opposite? Is everyone pre-occupied with adding more and more to their product line? What about making it simpler? Offer fewer choices. Sometimes counter-intuitive ideas are just what is needed.

Whatever you choose to solve the challenges in your life remember all the stakeholders in the process, not just the stockholder. You’ll still make enough to live on and have a much better conscience and time of it :-).


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