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Performance enhancers

Nearly 30 hours travelling, then a huge case of jet lag when I got home meant that I didn’t get my blog posted yesterday. Therefore, two today :-).


Following up on my last blog post about being more focused and effective at work, here are two more tactics for being more intentional.

Mental Contrasting – Everyone realizes that thinking positive thoughts can help bring about positive results, but even better results can be achieved if you also open up for the worst possible outcome. In other words your expectations should be for the best, but your planning should take into account possible obstacles to achieving your goal. To prepare for hindrances in your path, think through contingent plans. Ask yourself, When –Then. When this happens (this being an obstacle), then I will do this to overcome the obstacle.

Mind’s eye rehearsal – Like in sports, imagining yourself performing perfectly can go a long way toward helping you to actually accomplish what you want. Research indicates that mentally practicing something many times and then a short time with real practicing is just about as good as real practicing for a long time. See yourself making that speech or presentation, contributing in that meeting or simply accomplishing all you have on your to do list for the day.

Good luck :-)!


From Caroline Webb’s book, How to Have a Good Day: Think Bigger, Feel Better and Transform Your Life.


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