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Doing the impossible

I’ve met some very inspiring people this week here in Timor Leste. One in particular caught my attention. Debbie creates a stir wherever she goes. It became apparent that her knowledge and skills were being put to excellent use in helping to promote Human Rights and democratic development in SE Asia and especially in Myanmar. She has accomplished much and displays an indomitable will and can-do spirit. I overheard her respond to someone who said that a particular task was impossible. “I love it when people say something is impossible. That makes it that much more fun to prove them wrong!”

And that reminded me of a quote I’d like to ponder (I‘ve tried to track down the author, but haven’t been able to find her/him yet) –

The person who says something is impossible should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

A tribute to all the Debbies in the world, whom we need to stop interrupting. Keep helping us to see how to accomplish the impossible :-)!


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