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Cultural Antennae redux

Tomorrow I will be travelling to a new country. New in the sense that I have never been there and new in the sense that it is one of the world’s newest countries. Timor-Leste (also called East Timor) became the first new country of the 21st century, gaining independence in 2002. I’ll be visiting the capital, Dili for a conference and promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief in South Asia followed by the ASEAN People’s Forum. On the way to and fro Dili I’ll briefly visit one of Asia’s “miracles”, Singapore. In preparation for trips like this I find it can be useful to remind myself to be culturally sensitive. To do this I’ve re-read a post I made a few weeks ago entitled Cultivating Cultural Antennae. For those who remember that post you can skip today’s. For those of you who have forgotten or not read that one, here it is now J:


Any readers living in Timor-Leste or Singapore who’d like to chat, I’d be happy to sit down over a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Send me an e-mail – J.



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