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Beware of Procrustes’ bed

The traveler was weary after a long day on the road. The food his host provided was excellent and now all he wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep. His host, Procrustes, led him to the guest bedroom and showed him the bed. The visitor lay back on it, but noticed that it was too short, his feet stuck out from the end of it. Quickly, Procustes produced a sharp hatchet and promptly cut off the guests legs below the knees, thus “fixing” him so that he now fit into the bed.

This story of Procrustes comes from Greek mythology. In addition to cutting off the legs of those who were too tall, Procrustes would stretch those who were too short. Procrustes made sure that every guest fit perfectly into his exquisite bed.

Do you see the application this metaphor might have for your life? How do you deal with ideas, theories or ways of thinking that don’t fit your own? Think about it :-).




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