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Change your proverb, change your perspective

A few days ago I wrote a post about changing one’s metaphor for describing one’s life; Roots or Ballast – Today I’d like play with that thought a little. Below are a few proverbs or aphorisms. Look what happens when I change the wording just a little bit. Whole new, and often opposite perspectives come into view. And often that makes all the difference :-).

Enjoy and if anyone has new takes on any of these or new takes on other well-known phrases, please do let me know :-).

Read and reflect.


Curiosity killed the cat! – Curiosity fed the cat!

You shouldn’t think that you’re special. – You shouldn’t think that only you’re special. (The first phrase is a typical Norwegian “Jante law” intended to keep people humble)

Voice of the voiceless – Helping the voiceless find their voice.

Love is blind – Love is kind

Why me? – Why not me?

Life sucks – Lively ducks

Your back’s to the wall – Let’s head to the mall

Achilles heel – Achilles wheel

Wide of the mark – Create a new spark


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