Leadership, Personal Development

Lessons in Leadership from Mother Teresa

Do you love them?

A number of years ago I heard a story attributed to Mother Teresa. I’ haven’t been able to find the story again, and so cannot verify if it comes from her or not. Regardless, the story has a valuable lesson for us all, and especially anyone who is in a position of leadership or power.

Mother Teresa was standing in front of a large crowd of business people. She had been asked to speak on the topic of leadership. Gazing out at the hushed crowd this small, but gigantic, Albanian global citizen began to speak:

“All of you here aspire to be great leaders and to make your companies successful. This is admirable, but I want to know, do you love those who work for you? Do you know their names, the names of their family members? Do you care what is happening in their lives? Do you love the people that can make your business a success?”

And then she sat down!

With that I will also sit down. Time for reflection :-).


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