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All Good Kids Love Milk

I have had a number of jobs in my life and have enjoyed most of them. But, one of the most pleasurable ones was as a tour guide/bus driver (we liked to refer to ourselves, Motor coach Commanders) in Alaska. It was a great job. I got to meet new and exciting people every day; people who by and large wanted to have a great time and see and experience the “wilds of Alaska”. Most of my passengers were retirees who had a lot of life under their belt. Many of them oozed wisdom.

I learned many things in my time as a driver/guide, but one of the things I remember best was part of my driving training. Our teacher, Chuck, told us that in order to be excellent and safe drivers we all needed to understand that “All Good Kids Love Milk”.

  • All – A = Aim high in your steering.
  • Good – G = Get the big picture.
  • Kids – K = Keep your eyes moving.
  • Love – L = Leave yourself an out.
  • Milk – M = Make sure they see you.

Through the years, I’ve often thought that these words are certainly wise when applied to driving, and that they are equally so when applied to everyday life. Think about it :-).


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