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Shit carriers

Have you ever met someone for the first time and been asked, “So, what do you do?” Sometimes I like to answer, “I’m a changeologist!” I want to change the world! Hopefully for the better.

Now some may think this is a little bit presumptuous and perhaps even arrogant. I do try to maintain a humble attitude and be constantly aware of my own biases. Nevertheless, I believe that I can be a positive change agent. One of the reasons I agreed to start this blog is because I hope that it can contribute to my changeology project.

Changeology guru Les Robinson, in his appropriately titled book, Changeology,  says that the key to changing behavior on a large, social scale is to create a conversation. And conversations begin with good questions. I’m passionate about justice, freedom and equality, and most importantly Human Dignity. So rather than offering platitudes of wisdom in today’s post, I’d like to ask a couple of questions.

Why, in 2016, must 1.3 million Dalits, mostly women, make their living through manually scavenging (literally carrying by hand other people’s excrement)? What are 10 possible solutions to this problem?

If you don’t know what a Dalit is check out the International Dalit Solidarity Network’s webpage.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing from you :-).


5 thoughts on “Shit carriers

  1. Hi there Ed…you are asking the right person!!!!!

    “I do try to maintain a humble attitude and be constantly aware of my own biases.”
    This sentence jumped at me, sent on arrow toward the direction of the hart in this shit filled body.
    And as for trying..… now Ed… try= attempt…effort….never accomplish anything. We do or don’t do, we are or we are not.
    Those who are humble, truly humble never have to ‘’try and maintain=uphold…keep…sustain on attitude simply because they don’t have one!!! Not one will say or think My aim of the day is to be humble toward my mankind! You are kidding your self! in other word full of shit.
    So pretending being humble is not the same as is and those who are humble they don’t know that word.
    I wonder who created coined the phrase: he has a humble origin! Shit.. had to be somebody very important! What a put down! But that put down is on the person who uses that phrase… indication how he sees-understand the Universe around him.
    I know a great deal about untouchables and Ed, the education should be focusing on the members of the society who wrap their shit filled bodies in silks and satins adorned with jewels because it is them who are upholding the beliefs-considerations and they are the one who have defined what ‘’value ‘’ is.
    The Untouchables at all levels do know where they are at…they don’t need to pretend and be humble…[barb is for you] on the other hand the upper crust they don’t realise-have forgotten that they too shit and have ass wholes!
    I have a friend who by choice left the life of leisure went and lived among ‘’untouchables’’ and become of them by choice: he slept on the streets, he worked taken up jobs in exchange for food and yes he has handled plenty of shit beside his own he had done all this in order to understand the reasons for segregations in the Indian society. For 5 years he lived on the streets.
    he laughed reading your article…and said education has to be done from within.
    By the way Ed… I too cleaned houses for 14 years and cleaned plenty of shitty toilets and I too have hell of on education what is it like to be looked down… but there are many out there who do not segregate because of their understanding what value is, not in money and what that can buy and these folks are in the majority here in north America.
    Some of these folks whos houses I cleaned had become my friends , real friends and these people seen me equal to them…on every level and they did not pretend just to patronizes. [they are still my friends after all these years and I no longer clean houses]
    I had to learn hard way what is the difference between servant and servant : it is on attitude. And before I cleaned houses I too had that attitude toward our house cleaner! she become too my friend, lady with not much formal education but wise… and I have learned from her too.
    So Ed, I to believe same as my friend, the change has to be needed, wanted by the individual before it can happen.
    So I am off the orange box.. and my friend and I we will have a nice cup of tea.
    By the way my friend on occasion passes wind which sounds like the trumpet of on archangels, and he said going to the toilet, passing wind is a reminder that we are all equal.


  2. PS; the upper crust created to lower class in order to feel better, superior and now some upper crust want to educate those who they have labeled lower class… in order to feel better again because they know the right way. they know the right answer again! It seem that giving up superior attitude to some is impossible. Of course all these happens under the cover ” helping” making the world better place to live in!..


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