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Dreaming in Denmark

I’ve spent most of my day in the Danish Parliament. I was asked to participate in a small seminar in order to share with Danish Parliamentarians some of my experiences working with promoting Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) internationally and especially with parliamentarians from many countries.

The Danes have recently established their own group within parliament focused on promoting FoRB.  One of the issues we discussed was how to increase cooperation between the Nordic countries. I went further and challenged them think even more broadly and look for ways in which to cooperate and collaborate with other parliaments in, for example Latin America and Africa. Countries from these regions don’t carry with them the stigma of a colonial or imperial past. And while some of them might be Christian countries, in the sense that the majority of the population identify with Christianity, they are not looked at as Crusaders. In addition, I encouraged the MPs to build bridges with local NGOs that have a competency in the field FoRB.

We agreed that FoRB should be for all; those who have a religious belief, whatever the flavor and those of no believe whatsoever. All human beings are born equal and have inherent human dignity.

I am pleased to see new constellations of people getting engaged in the work of promoting and protecting FoRB and hope that this initiative, along with similar ones elsewhere, will contribute to creating a world where all are free to have the religion or belief of their choice, change their religion or belief if they like and practice their religion or belief peacefully without being discriminated against or persecuted!

Nice dream, huh :-)?


One thought on “Dreaming in Denmark

  1. LOL… sure is my dear! the very idea that freedom needs to be promoted totally slay me!
    without promotion, without being spelled out in capital letters what freedom is and should be those people in important position haven’t the clue where they are at… wow… no wonder I believe politicians are low life…mostly.. not 100 percent because that would be generalization. good night Ed!


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