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Us and Them

“Stereotypes are not necessarily untrue, but they are incomplete.”

I first heard this quote on a Ted Talk by Chimamanda Adichie – https://www.ted.com/talks/chimamanda_adichie_the_danger_of_a_single_story?language=nb.

I thought of it again today when I read a speech a friend of mine held yesterday. Abid is a Norwegian. He is born in Norway and grew up all his life in Norway near the capitol, Oslo. But Abid is not blue-eyed and blonde. Rather his skin is dark and his eyes equally so. He calls himself a brown Viking. Abid differs also with respect to his religion. He is a Muslim which is not the dominant religion in Norway. Abid grew up in an immigrant family. His parents came from Pakistan to seek a better life for themselves and their family. If anyone outside of Norway were asked to describe a typical Norwegian, I’m pretty sure Abid would not fit the bill. Yet, he not only is 100% Norwegian, he is also one of the country’s most prominent members of Parliament.

So, why am I telling you this? Yesterday was Norway’s national day, the day when all of Norway celebrates its independence and its constitution; the next oldest after the US. The original document was signed on the 17th of May 1814 in Eidsvoll, Norway. And that is exactly where Abid held his speech yesterday. In his speech he to referred to the original provisions of the constitution which forbade Jews entrance into the Kingdom of Norway. But many Norwegians took issue with this clause and eventually it was removed so that Jews could take their rightful place as good citizens of Norway. In that same spirit he asked that his fellow countrymen and women also open up to the idea of Muslim immigrants coming to Norway and participating in the building of Norwegian society along-side Wethnic” Norwegians. Now this may seem like a case of someone pleading the case of his co-religionists, but that isn’t the full story. Abid also recognizes the challenges we all face in our globalized world. He then went on to commend Norwegians who fought against the poison of Nazism. Likewise, we all need to stand up to Islamism, another violent ideology that threatens to undermine the rights and freedoms we so cherish and that are enshrined in the Norwegian constitution.

I think we all need to constantly question the “truth” we” know” about the other recognizing that even when our images of the other are true, they may not be the whole picture.

For those interested in the text of Abid’s speech you will find it here – http://www.vg.no/nyheter/meninger/17-mai/nasjonen-maa-bygges-paa-et-verdifellesskap/a/23685677/.

It’s in Norwegian, but if you plug it into Google translate you’ll get a good idea of the gist of it :-).


7 thoughts on “Us and Them

  1. Ed…”we all need to stand up to Islamism, another violent ideology that threatens to undermine the rights and freedoms we so cherish”
    You have my agreement on that… but finding the solution which could replace that problem….that will not be easy.. in my reality it will not happen not in our time.
    good night Ed.


  2. By the way to me ”awesome” can only be nature because nothing can measure up to that magnificence; the place where I live has large windows and doors through them I see, have the view of the forest and the trees are so close that I can touch their branches. I am mesmerized, hypnotised by the ever changing flows of colors-energy-vibrations and totally awestruck by the continual experience of beauty.
    Why I share this with you? Simply because I feel like and to tell you I feel privileged that I can be part of this majesty… and I am also delighted having a window through which I can see into your universe. 🙂
    by the way if you don’t want me to post here.. just say so…


  3. “Truthbumps” n. the body sensation associated with confronting and acknowledging a previously unvoiced truth that may manifest as muscular constriction, often of the chest, or as chills and tends to be accompanied by sudden changes in breathing
    I totally got the truthbumps when my therapist called me out on my shit.


    Gotta love those goosebumps!



    1. Hi Brendan… I realize that…and it is fine. 5 years back this month someone asked me to open a blog… wow, me ? why? but she has done it under my name. So I started to post some of my realizations and I still do. I have over 400 posts and I run it as a journal of my sessions-realization… when last yearly report was sent out by WordPress, I seen the results beside the daily stats.
      The blog was read by many in 35 different countries… now that alone has blown me away.. But I had enough and few months back I posted that I be closing the blog… you see I wanted to do it because I received very few comments so I thought, well, hell, this is like talking to the wall… Brendan, I caused a riot.. protests come from all over and I what I have read brought tear flowing… all the emails contained similar: the posts have brought understanding, new realizations, and desires to change..
      What writing the post over the years given me? so much that I cant express -describe by words.
      Of course I posted in Geirs blog, and that was truly a learning experience without those experiences well, I would not be writing in Eds blog…I own Geir for that…
      best to you !


    2. PS; I like Ed’s energy vibration, nice and steady and he do not write what he writes to impress, now that is good in my book!
      But yours taken me back since the first time I have experienced it and that happened because you have sent me a communication which of course seats on your personal vibration and by me reading I experience your space-energy level. 🙂
      how good I am understanding , seeing without looking I let you decide… by simply running my hand over any body part I can see-detect change in the flow and I ”see” in colors that flowing energy and of course if a body part -muscles has been in injury the flow where the injury was is balled up and usually dark and not flowing. 🙂 has a totally deferent feel to it too..I never been wrong so far.
      By the way soon the smart set of bloggers will arrive and when that happens I be cutting out, Ed will have his experience what ..normal debating is… that is not my style.. I would have to behave, cut the slang out and act smart in order to impress ugh … 🙂 now that I call a true boring useless experience !
      I love fun… have a truly wonderful day!


      1. Hey Elizabeth – Sorry for the delay in responding. This is still a very new game for me :-). And thanks so much for your positive energy and encouragement.


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